Sunday, November 16, 2008

Amazing Corn!!!

Best corn ever in this restaurant!! I've been eating here for several time, but never had a camera with me. The last time I ate the corns was a few months ago. Really missed this place. Originally, I don't eat corn at all. I don't dislike corns, and I'm not a corn person cuz we don't use corn in Chinese food very often. So, I just don't get in touch with a lot of corns. Till my friends brought me to "Habana," I realize how amazing these corns are! The following photo I took is how the amazing corn look like:

So juicy... I went there with another friend today at lunch time. The amazing corns really warmed me up in this cold weather! Good place to go.
It's located at Elizabeth St. and Prince St. in SOHO.
You'll see how good the corns are when you try it out, my friends. XD

Friday, November 14, 2008

ESC== Electronic Social Club

Today Iva and I went to the [ESC] at Hunter College. It was an event that shows current MFA students' work (or thesis) from Parsons DT, PRATT, IPT, Hunter College, etc. Too bad I didn't bring my camera with me to take pictures. Not only it was an event to see students' work from other schools, also a good time to get to know them and also to broaden our art network. Some of the projects are pretty interesting. I scanned one of the project description from the programm brochure:

This piece was an interactive device that senses the speed of hand motion to change the pace and pitch accordingly. If I lay my palm on the sensor, the sound will be played slower and slower till it stops. It is more involved in physical computing and programming.

We saw there's a second year (Drew Cogbill) from our DT presenting his half-way done thesis. The thesis was called "Pigeon." It is a mobile networking between people or family that let user shout out to the world in 1 minute. More like talking to the voice mailbox, and people can access to hear your feelings, opinions, or updates. Sounds like mobile or audio facebook to me if I am correct to interpret the project to my understanding. He did a demo for us by calling the number: 713-574-9488. It worked! Then, follow the voice instruction to sign up an account.

I absorbed so much today, and hopefully I am able to present in that place one day. XD

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Don't mean to offend anyone...

Tonight I was surfing on the web when I took a break from the python studying, I found out this clip. That is the opening credit of "Revolutionary Girl Utena." I used to like the music and the awesome opening scene a lot, and I still somehow like it now. The following is the original opening credit for this anime, everything is in Japanese. Just give you a little taste of the music and visuals.
However...(scroll down)

I found out there's another version of this same clip, with Spanish!!! Let's take a look.

I don't want to offend anyone who speaks Spanish, really. But, I couldn't stop laughing when I watched this clip. I didn't laugh like this: lol. Just a little bit smile. However, this is really interesting that the anime is so popular that it's even translated into Spanish. I was surprised about this part, actually. (I thought only Asians especially Taiwanese are in love with Japanese Anime...) Don't blame me. It seems like I've been staying in my own little world for so long so that I don't know there are plenty of the anime translated into other languages by subbing the vocal. It's very interesting to see the both languages playing here. One of the good material to explore bi-lingual or multi-lingual.

p.s. I guess this is enough for anime topic.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

[Project] Such a nice day in Central Park!

Today we went to Central Park to do our interactive project. However, we went into the Marathon so it took us forever to get to Bethesda Fountain... Even though it is really cold, but the scene is so wonderful. All the leaves are turning colors, and it looks so different from 2 weeks ago. That moment is the prettiest in whole season, in my point of view. In this photo, Erica is carrying a trash can from Film Editing Dept., and Iker, Ira are holding the white board under this nice, dreamy central park scene. 

And, the final presentation will be on Wednesday! 

Saturday, November 1, 2008

OH, NO! I'm an OTAKU!!!!

The above image explains what I am recently: "otaku." "Otaku" is a word from Japanese, and the meaning is: a Japanese term used to refer to people with obsessive interests, particularly anime, manga, and video games. The link will give you more detailed explanation of "otaku":

So, let me explain why I say I am an otaku recently. The reasons are as following:
  1. The weather: as the weather gets colder and colder, I become lazier to go outside except going to work and school. It's a lot colder than the winter in Taiwan or Tennessee, so the time I spent outside walking around is getting shorter. And, I gradually spend a lot of time at home studying or doing projects or watching anime.
  2. I found out some anime clips online when I was small (well, middle school period). Those are really great anime stories, even better than the new ones. I can say those anime I like since I was small are classic. Most of people at my age also enjoy those anime (or they are also otaku).
The following image is one of my favorite anime when I was young. It's called "Revolutionary Girl Utena." The girl Utena is the main character in this anime and that is what she looks like on this following image. However...(scroll down)

She and the other girl (another main character) are in this kind of relationship.

Here's some brief introduction of this anime:

Revolutionary Girl Utena is a manga by Chiho Saito and anime directed by Kunihiko Ikuhara. The manga serial began in the June 1996 issue of Ciao and the anime was first broadcast in 1997. A movie, "Adolescence of Utena" (少女革命ウテナ アドゥレセンス黙示録 Shōjo Kakumei Utena Aduresensu Mokushiroku, literally "Revolutionary Girl Utena Adolescence Apocalypse") was released in theatres in 1999. A number of stage productions based on the franchise were also produced in the mid 1990s, including the "Comedie Musicale Utena la fillette révolutionnaire", staged by an all-female Takarazuka-style cast.

The main character is Utena Tenjou, a tomboyish teenage girl who was so impressed by a kind prince in her childhood that she decided to become a prince herself (expressed in her manner of dress and personality). She attends Ohtori Academy, where she meets a student named Anthy Himemiya, a girl who is in an abusive relationship with another student. Utena fights to protect Anthy and is pulled into a series of sword duels with the members of the Student Council. Anthy is referred to as the "Rose Bride" and is given to the winner of each duel. As Anthy is thought to be the key to a coming revolution, the current champion is constantly challenged for the right to possess the Rose Bride.

While the show generally has the appearance of a magical girl series, it is also highly metaphysical, surreal, and allegorical. It contains a mix of borrowed visuals from Takarazuka theater, shadow puppetry, and classic shōjo manga.

The anime and manga were created simultaneously, but, despite some similarities, they progressed in different directions.


Somehow the story is a little bit hard to understand because it is so abstract, but it keeps me want to watch over and over again these years. I guess because of the abstractness, it makes me think every time I watch it. Can't believe it is already 10 years ago when it was released! Amazing~!!