Wednesday, December 3, 2008

[Project] Research in progress

Middle part of my process. I usually kept my notes in the same journal, and it's easier to remind or refresh my mind. It's only for today, I'll scan the one before (the journal a few days ago when we started the project) later on to share my work in progress.

If you cannot read it very well (the image is kind of small), I'll briefly explain it here. It was helpful to be in a different group to talk about our work in progress. Erica and Daniel helped me clear out some production related ideas and gave me advice/feedback on how I can start working on my self-portrait. We also discussed about the title for each one's project. I named my project as "She & I: Darcy Wang." They agreed the title was good, and I should just name it as "She & I."
Short and get to the point.