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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm on the MTV blog!!!

Iva told me that my picture* was posted on the MTV blog for the LBP jam. Wow, how exciting!! I am so excited to see my photo posted on a well-known blog even it's really a long shot so I am tiny in this photo. Still, it was a fun competition even my team didn't win anything. At least I learned how to interact with my team, and know how to build a level. It's a good gaming experience! (However, I'm so tired from the weekend...)

*The photo is taken from "MTV Multiplayer" blog, the url is as the following:

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yes!!! I can go back home!!

Besides school, I did the most remarkable thing today: book plane ticket to Taiwan!!! Finally, I can go back home after the semester ends. I know it's not a big deal, but it's actually exciting for me because I haven't gone home in 2 years. Yes, two years. I kind of miss home already. Luckily, I got the permission from my mom that she allows me to go home this Christmas break. Really looking forward to go home and meet some friends. Before that, I'll put in a lot of work for school and let my semester runs smoothly. The plane ticket really boost me with more energy and passion to work harder. A really good news.
Here's the photo of my chornobook today to share with you what I did.

Monday, September 15, 2008

[Project] MTA Gate Re-design

This is a very brief sketch of my re-design concept.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

[Reading] Designing Design

"Designing Design*," I found this book during summer before the semester started. It's amazing that this book is out of stock for almost 2.5 months, and the online waiting list is still really long. I was lucky enough to get the last second copy before my friend told me the book was really popular. I skimmed through the whole book (only pictures and some titles) and started reading the first chapter (during the summer). After a while, stuff (bootcamp, restration, etc.) cut in so that I didn't keep on reading. The new project which we're currently working on in this class reminds me the first chapter from this book. So, what the book is talking about? Well, the contents in this book are separated into several parts. Only the first part, which is "Re-design" reflects Iva and my concept for the project.

The author (Kenya Hara) who is also an art director in Japan started and planned an innovative design exhibition, which was called "Re-design." His plan was to assign one everyday object each artist involved in this project. The main idea was to re-design the object into a different look/ appearance to break the traditional impression on this daily object. The function would remain the same, just the look was different. For instance, he made one architect to re-create the roach house. So, this architect came up with a tiny flat paper tunnel to trap cockroaches. A simple shape out of the traditional roach house. Other artists re-design matches, diapers, toilet paper, and even food!

After we were assigned to create product(s), it recalled me the contents from the book. "Re-design" concept really gives me inspiration. So, I told Iva maybe we could start working on this direction. And, we want to continue this "Re-design" theme and develop more for ourselves. This book expresses a lot great concepts and is a good reference. So, you might want to check it out later.

*Book cover photo taken from "2Modern Design Talk" website:

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

[Project] Object Studies

The above photo is the daily object I chose to study. Do you want to guess what it is? The answer is the following photo:

Yes, The object is a stapler! This photo shows the portable stapler being switched to the "on" mode, which is ready to staple the paper. It's really flat, small, simple, and has its unique shape.

Placed on my palm. Smaller than other staplers.

I have a habit which is I like to hold on something when I'm reading and mostly in a thinking process. Since I got this tiny stapler, I began to hold it when I was in deep thoughts. Or, reading articles online I even held this stapler to play the switch. This habit became a necessary process before I need to use my brain a lot. I would feel insecure when I have nothing to hold on or play with.

About the same size as my mouse.

Since it's really portable and small, I put it in my pen case to carry it around with me (especially to classes).

When I'm home, I take it out from my pen case to place it around my laptop or on the table where it's easy to reach.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

[Project] Self Portrait

The above is my self portrait. I came from graphic design background so that I'm really attached to typography and effective layouts. I like typography a lot. It enhances the image on a poster and gives a great impact to the viewers. So, I combine my favorite graphic design element to my self portrait, which is to use my name "darcy wang" typed in Bold Condensed Futura (one of my favorite fonts) to trace on my photo.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I don't do blogs all the time. I tried to maintain and kept updating blogs before, but it never last really long. I normally record my daily thoughts and activities in my own journal book. Since the Chronobook* came out lately, I found out it's really unique and fun to keep daily journal. So, the online blog is even being ignored by me.
However, I decide to build a blog not only for Interface class, but publish and share my thoughts, life (not too personal life), research, laughter, madness, and... everything universally. So, that's why I name my blog as a digital version of my journal/ Chronobook. You may see me really crazy in this my little own world, or you may think I'm extremely random and still crazy. That's ok. Just keep coming back for my new post. Hope you'll enjoy it.
*Chronobook is a product of MUJI Company. Please refer to